Tiger at Doral

Tiger Woods Wins WGC Cadillac Championship 2013


Tiger Woods put on a golf clinic for the best players in PGA this week at Doral. With a four stroke lead going into Sunday there was little doubt in anyone’s mind except Graeme McDowell who would be on the winners podium at the end of the round. McDowell birdied the 1st and 2nd holes and thought he would give Tiger a go at the lead but after that McDowell struggled to make putts and a double bogey on the 18th cost him the 3rd place finish on his own.

Tiger played his best golf this week as he has in years and with some putting advice on Wednesday from Steve Stricker became a force to be reckoned with this week at The WGC Cadillac Championship. The golf tournament became a run for second place with No.1 decided by round 3. This victory gives Woods his 76th PGA Tour victory.

Steve Stricker played solid golf with his wife on the bag this week. While the rest of the field had a let down in round four, Stricker rose to the occasion and took second place in the tournament. He probably thought to himself, if he had not given Tiger some putting advice he may have beaten Tiger this week as Woods excelled all week in the putting department when struggling outside of 10′ prior to the Stricker’s putting advice.

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Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Leads The Field After Two Rounds At Doral


Tiger Woods is pretty hard to beat when he leads the field after two rounds. At -13 after Thursday and Friday he will not play safe, he will look to extend his lead and he had better do so with 7 PGA champions in the field in the top 20 barking at his heels.

Woods tees off today at 1:45 with Graeme McDowell who is 2 shots behind Tiger. Steve Stricker and Phil Mickelson are 3 strokes behind the leader going into Saturday action. A host of other good players sit in the top 10 and will certainly trying to up their game in round 3.

Tiger plays his best game of golf when in the lead and this week should not be any different. His 6 year absence at the top in a WGC event is long over due. Defending champion Justin Rose has a lot of ground to make up if he plans to repeat last years win. He is currently 10 strokes back.

Justin Rose

A win tomorrow for Tiger would give him his 7th WGC Cadillac Championship and his 17th WGC Championship. He is on line to break his birdie record for a single tournament.


After three rounds Tiger Woods takes a 4 stroke lead into the final round on Sunday. He has never lost a tournament when leading by 3 strokes or more. Today he broke his previous birdie record for 3 rounds.












Tiger Woods


-5 66 65 67


Graeme McDowell


-3 66 67 69


Phil Mickelson


-3 67 67 69


Steve Stricker


-3 67 67 69


Michael Thompson


-5 69 69 67


Sergio Garcia


-5 66 72 67


Charl Schwartzel


-3 71 65 69


Keegan Bradley


-3 68 68 69


Fredrik Jacobson


-1 66 69 71


Bubba Watson


-1 66 69 71

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What The Hell Is Comfort Food?


Regardless of what food show you watch on television, common used phrases are often thrown around that make little sense to me in how there used and are in many cases used quite too often. The three phrases that bother me the most are “comfort food”, “homemade cooking” (served up in a restaurant), and “just like mom used to make”.

Lets address the “comfort food” term thrown out there far too often. If I understand the definition of “comfort food” it is any food depending on your place of origin, your experience with food and ethnic background that supplies a feeling of comfort and well-being, meets the expectation of the definition, which in most cases applies to any food made. I don’t know about anyone else but any food I consume that gets rid of the uncomfortable feeling of hunger fits the bill. I can eat a bowl of beef lo mein or fried chicken and mashed potatoes and still get the same experience or wolf down some lasagna or shrimp scampi and feel equally comforted. Even some good hot dogs and beans does the trick. A big pot of steamer clams with melted butter is quite comforting. An apple turnover or chocolate cake also does it for me. So I have to wonder is all food “comfort food” or am I just easy to please? What I find most comforting is any food that is good that I do not have to prepare myself !!!

The second annoying phrase used quite too often that makes little sense to me is referring to restaurant food as “homemade”. The phrase makes no sense what so ever and is incorrect. If a meal is prepared at home then it is homemade. Food prepared in a restaurant is by all accounts restaurant food. The only contradiction to the reality is if a chef were to prepare food at home and serve it up in the restaurant they cook for. It is a stupid comment and people need to quit saying it. If one is to assume that it means that homemade is better than restaurant quality than your eating out in all the wrong places.

Last but not least and most annoying of all is the phrase “just like mom used to make” or ” just like mom makes”. When you actually look at what goes into most restaurant preparations there is little chance that any mom does it the same way, though there may be exceptions to that statement. Some of the simpler and limited concoctions may fit the aforementioned phrases, but for the most part the reality is mom did not do it like that and the statement is either wishful thinking, false memories, or the lack of any thing better to say if asked. If mom was preparing meals at home as good as what they are eating in the restaurant or diner they would be stuffing their face at home for free. I do not know about anyone else but I never eat out and order what I can make or get at home.

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Senator Rand Paul

Senator (R-Ky) Rand Paul Goes From Villain To Hero


Senator (R-Ky) Rand Paul’s filibuster of President Obama’s choice to head up the CIA John Brennan was truly a monumental moment for the often controversial Senator. His stance on civil rights matters that has shed a negative light on the Senator took a back stage to last nights 13 hour stand on civil liberties. It is truly disappointing that he cannot be as intelligent and diligent in all matters of liberty for all.

Paul spoke for thirteen hours in defense of civil liberties for Americans concerning drone strikes on American soil and abroad, only pausing briefly to shove snacks in his mouth or guzzling water to quench thirst during his speech. He ended his filibuster as a result of needing to make a bathroom call as nature took over and ended his time at the podium.

If you missed Rand Paul’s filibuster you should take a look at video and highlights of speech as it was truly a watershed moment for the Senator and American politics that should not be missed regardless of your political persuasion. He spoke for every American and truly represented every citizen of the USA, something that is sorely missed in politics today.

The Senator had us swallow the colored pill as he recited text from “Alice In Wonderland” during the beginning of his speech supplied below.

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Jody Arias

Jurors Questions For Jody Arias Testament To Incompetence


Even if you have no interest in the legal fiasco taking place in our state right now, it is hard not to be subjected to the Jody Arias trial currently taking place. However if you live in a void that would prevent you from knowing whats going on in this highly publicized murder trial that is costing our state millions of tax payer dollars for the state to prosecute Arias, the ridiculousness reached an all time high yesterday as Arias fielded well over a hundred questions from the jury via the presiding judge in the case.

Arias has given testimony for 15 days and one might think that the prosecuting attorney would have already asked any pertinent questions of Arias that would have made jury questions a much shorter list. The defense kept Arias on the stand to create a relationship between herself and the jury. The prosecution helped the defense by keeping her on the stand to accomplish what the defense intended to do. In reality, one day of cross-examination should have been sufficient to secure conviction and get the pertinent facts out so the jury could come to the appropriate conclusion and end sentence in the name of justice.

Arias has not told the truth throughout the investigation and subsequent trial and gives great detail when it is in her benefit to do so, but has no memory of any facts that may harm her defense including the actual killing itself or steps to cover it up after the fact. Much of the problem stems from cameras in the court room as no one actually behaves the same in this type of situation.

Her self defense plea is quite a joke when you consider the facts in the case. She claims a long history of abuse by the victim which does not make much sense as she never documented any instance of abuse. She also was not trapped in the relationship and traveled back and forth to get several doses of abuse before killing her abuser. The sex that took place between the pair she now cites was part of the abuse, yet to me sounds more like just good sex regardless of her current account of her displeasure with it. If it was a bad experience she would not have love for the perpetrator or returned for more.

She was not trapped in this relationship with the deceased as many woman are that reside with the abuser if he truly was, and at any time could have put an end to it. If she had put two or three bullets in him and called the cops she may have had a leg to stand on but everything that took place after the shooting can only attest to the logical conclusion of premeditated murder. Defending oneself does not include shooting, stabbing, and slitting an attackers throat. Once again the defense in the case has put the victim on trial and the defense has aided this approach by entertaining it.

I wonder why the prosecuting attorney in the case could not have drawn that picture to the jury in a much more timely manner and left no questions in the minds of the presiding jury. The concept of letting jurors ask questions takes them out of their role and turns them into investigators rather than de-liberators on the facts presented by both sides.

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FACEBOOK Considering Users Fees


There have been several reports over the years that Facebook was considering charging its user base for using the social media site and none of those rumors ever became reality, but there are new rumors surfacing out of silicon valley that charging monthly fees, post and picture fees may soon become a reality.

It was almost a given that once Facebook went public that it was only a matter of time before rumors would be reality. This bold new plan to charge users would either make shareholders and company executives more money or be the downfall of the popular share site.

Young users have quit using the site in droves in the last year or two and a mass exodus would certainly take place if the rumor is true. Existing material on individual’s pages would be exempt from charges as they would be grandfathered in but new pictures and posts would be subject to charge.

Some would argue that this is a smart business decision but I think it would be Facebook suicide. I can only speak for myself but I would be closing my page up the day charging became a reality. The rumor mill says the charges will start taking place in May. If you plan on keeping a page with the sharing site post what pictures you want on your page as it may get expensive down the road to do so.

They are already charging to message people to invite new friends. It is being tested on some users and I happen to be one of them. I have talked to other friends that are not being charged currently.

Gaming on Facebook would also be subject to a charge so dust off your PS3 or Xbox. If any charges are to follow Mark Zuckerberg will have to buy an island in the Mediterranean with someone else’s money as it will not be mine. I also think they are underestimating their user base to think that people will pay them to post and chat.

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Chopped Season 14

Ted Allen’s Chopped: Hecho En the Chopped Kitchen Recap 3-5-13


Ted Allen introduces the four Chefs that will be competing for $10,000 and the title of “Chopped Champion.” The contestants tonight must utilize ingredients from Mexico throughout the competition. Mystery basket ingredients include pigs feet, goat chops, and yucca.

The judges for tonight’s competition are as follows;

  • Mark Murphy
  • Aaron Sanchez
  • Scott Conant

The Chefs competing for the title and $10,000 tonight are as follows;

  • Chef Saul Ortiz-Cruz – Las Vegas
  • Chef Mia Castro – Las Vegas
  • Chef Mike Minor – Las Vegas
  • Chef Royden Ellamar – Las Vegas

Ted Allen told the Chefs that they will be judged on Creativity, Taste, and Presentation and they must use all of the ingredients in the basket in some way.

He tells them that they have 20 minutes to complete the round and has them open their baskets which includes the following ingredients;

  • pig’s feet
  • tres leches cake
  • jicama
  • culantro

After the Chefs completed their dishes they were presented to the Judges and given the following critiques;

Chef Mike prepared Crispy Pig’s Feet w/ Tres Leches w/ Jicama Salad. The judges liked his dish but said said he did not re-purpose the cake.

Chef Royden prepared Tres Leches & Crispy Pig’s Feet Cake w/ Jicama Slaw. The judges loved his presentation and the crispy cake and slaw but said it may have been a bit too sweet.

Chef Mia prepared Arugula Salad w/ Crispy Pig’s Feet & Tres Leches Crumble. The judges loved the crunchy pigs feet and crumble but said too much salad and poor presentation.

Chef Saul prepared a Pig’s Feet Tostadas. The judges liked his dish and presentation and said all of his flavors were really good.

After careful deliberation the judges chopped Chef Mike for the above reasons.

Ted Allen told the Chefs they have 30 minutes to complete the round and has them open their baskets which includes the following ingredients;

  • goat chops
  • churros
  • tequila
  • huitlacoche

After the Chefs completed their dishes they were presented to the Judges and given the following critiques;

Chef Royden prepared Marinated Goat Chop w/ Huitlacoche & Churro Hash. The judges loved how his chops were cooked and the flavors of the hash. They also loved his presentation.

Chef Saul prepared Guajillo Adobo Goat Chops w/ Huitlacoche Puree. The judges said his dish was good and had good flavors going on but said his presentation was sloppy. 

Chef Mia prepared Churro Crusted Goat Chop w/ Huitlacoche Bread Pudding. The judges loved her dish but said her crust on her chops did not adhere properly. They loved the flavors in the bread pudding.

After careful deliberation the judges chopped Chef Saul for the above reasons.

Ted Allen told the Chefs they have 30 minutes to complete the round and has them open their baskets which includes the following ingredients;

  • whole coconut
  • pepitas
  • piloncillo
  • yucca

After the Chefs completed their dishes they were presented to the Judges and given the following critiques;

Chef Mia prepared Piloncillo Cake w/ Yucca & Coconut Custard. The judges said they were surprised that she got anything on the plate because she had issues burning caramel but were pleasantly surprised with her cake. They said her custard was one note.

Chef Royden prepared Yucca Malasadas w/ Coconut Caramel. The judges said his dessert was good but they were disappointed with the preparation of the pepitas.  

After careful deliberation of all of the courses the judges chopped Chef Mia and awarded the title and $10,000 to Chef Royden.

I thought the judges blew the call and awarded the title to the wrong chef in this episode based on their remarks throughout the show. If editing lends itself to throw off viewers as to who should win then I think it is a mistake to do so as I find it frustrating and it makes the judges seem stupid with choices made.

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American Flag

WANTED: Senators and Congressman Applicants for 2014 Elections


As the 2014 elections draw near, we are looking for candidates to fill spots in the Senate and House as heads will certainly roll in the upcoming elections. Candidate hopefuls must have little to no experience in the political arena. Based on past performance of current representatives we feel that candidates should fulfill the following minimum requirements in order to be considered for the expected vacancies so we continue the dysfunctional performance our current seat holders have achieved.

The following minimum requirements must be met for each party applying for;


  • Applicant must be moderately ignorant
  • Must be willing to say no consistently
  • Right to life card carrier
  • Filibustering a must
  • Must be willing to accept monetary rewards from special interest groups
  • Must be willing to sign Grover Norquist no tax declaration
  • Must have read “War For Profit” at least once

The following credentials are a big plus for candidate hopefuls;

  • Current or past affiliations with racist groups a plus, but not required
  • Staunch stand against Woman’s rights
  • Willingness to protect loop holes in tax codes favoring the wealthy
  • Willingness to support hard right agenda of all kinds including religious right issues
  • Willingness to support Second Amendment Rights to the extreme
  • Tea Party affiliation and backing a big plus but not necessarily required
  • Ability to lie with a straight face
  • Must complete John McCain course in contradiction
  • Must be efficient in deflecting funds (ear marks)
  • Ability never to say anything you believe in the presence of cameras or recording devices

If you can meet the aforementioned requirements the GOP may have a spot open for you. Minority applicants may be considered providing you meet the outlined requirements and are willing to sign a declaration declaring your allegiance to the GOP agenda, you may become part of the upcoming face-lift for the 2014 election process. Woman need not apply unless all of prescribed requirements are met and must be willing to be seen and not heard. Guzzling water during speeches is discouraged. CPAC will contact applicants for consideration after review.

*Any idea’s that may help states change political landscapes, violate voters rights and re-annexing for political gain is encouraged and welcomed.


  • Applicant must desire and embrace equality for all
  • Must embrace socialism
  • Must be willing to encourage mass breeding at government expense
  • Must be willing to accept monetary rewards from special interest groups
  • Must be willing to protect social programs of all types regardless of consequences
  • Must prove to be financially irresponsible with others money
  • Must be efficient in funneling political donations for private use without detection
  • Ability to promise and not deliver a must
  • Must be efficient in deflecting funds (ear marks)

The following credentials are a big plus for candidate hopefuls;

  • Rainbow coalition affiliation a big plus but not required
  • Must embrace global climate change initiative
  • Proficiency in legislative measures that increase government over reach imperative
  • Robin Hood card carrier a plus
  • Minority and Woman applicants welcomed and encouraged
  • Supporting Roe v. Wade imperative
  • Intelligence is not a requirement and discouraged

If you can meet the aforementioned requirements and are not fiscally responsible than the Democratic party has a spot in their heart for you. Applicants are encouraged to be as closed-minded as possible as long as they embrace equality for all. If you feel that you can add to the chaos in our current government institutions feel free to run for office.


The Independent party has no requirements for support. This party is designed to embrace a little of the above parties ideas without commitment to much of anything though common sense is encouraged. Potential candidates must have been affiliated or have embraced either of the above parties values at one point until they came to their senses or was rejected by their party and failed to gain support within.

If you are capable of flip-flopping from one agenda to another and leaning to the left when the chips are down then this is the party for you. Extremism will not be tolerated or encouraged. We suggest not making the Independent logo a permanent fixture on personnel belongings or long-term handouts as we may choose to call ourselves something else in the future.


Regardless of party affiliation all applicants that can meet the above respective requirements, are encouraged to throw their hats into the pool to continue the incompetence of our present government. If you can add any value to the existent circus we call the House and Senate than there may be a spot in history for you.

Voters will elect those that can add to the dysfunction as long as they think that they will not be impacted by their choice which has led to the current debacle in which we are now governed. Political positions have too many fringe benefits to mention. Employment opportunities after public service is abundant from special interest groups. No other job offers more holiday and travel at others expense and just a few years in office guarantees permanent salary and benefits.

Our apologies to anyone we may have offended, Though we intended to try to make our point with a bit of humor we realize that it was quite impossible to be politically correct and still make our point.

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Arizona's Upcoming Favorite