Female Fox News Contributors, Analysts And Show Hosts


Producers for Fox News have a prerequisite for any female appearing on any show. They must be drop dead gorgeous, have a banging body and must wear sexy clothes. However there is no prerequisite for intelligence because for the most part they are not. I have heard very little come out of their mouths worth listening to. Could be their political views but who cares, they are hot.

I never made it a habit of watching Fox News at all, especially on a full stomach but nowadays I watch little else with the volume muted and my favorite music playing in the background. They have it going on when it comes to female choices for their shows and it kind of reminds me of soft porn.

Woman that want to be taken seriously do not dress provocatively. They want viewers to hear what is coming out of their mouth and not eyeballing the rest of their body. That is not the case at FOX. They must know that they are not saying anything worth listening to.

No other news broadcast rocks like Fox News. CNN, MS/NBC and the rest of the lot for the most part would rather hire homely woman with intelligence. BORING! On the other hand all the males on Fox News are dorks that just twist and distort truth to push the GOP agenda in America. Red Eye is a perfect example of what I am talking about and one of my favorites for babe watching.

There is always a girl at the end of the table with full view of long beautiful legs. They are never seated anywhere else so the camera can get the full view of their hot bodies. They never say much and are hardly ever entered into the conversation. There job is to keep male viewers eyes locked on the screen while the male idiots blabber on about Liberals.

Most of Fox News is not news at all. It’s about cramming the GOP agenda down viewers throats. Other news organizations do the same thing as Fox, but they do it with homely people. If I want to listen to unbiased news I do not go to Fox or NBC. If I want to see hot chicks my controller always goes to Fox.

Other media groups can learn from Fox and hire hot mindless chicks if they want viewers. I will surely put them on my favorite channel list.

Keep up the good work Fox and keep on rolling out the hot chicks, turn off the microphones, play some erotic hip grinding music. On the cue cards have the ladies blow kisses at the screen every once in a while, and please more cleavage. Thanks.

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Female Fox News Contributors, Analysts And Show Hosts — 8 Comments

  1. Fox news might lean right but if you watch any other news all you sheep are being lead straight to Obama talking points. Why not look at beautiful women and learn what the king is really up to.

  2. Michael, When I first read your comments above I initially thought you were being tongue-in cheek, but by the time I got to the end where you called these women “a bunch of idiots” I realized you really are one of the stereo-typical true “progressive” believers. It’s easy to tell because most believers cannot rationally and coherently debate any of the positions they espouse. The lack of reasoning requires that they generally resort to demonizing anyone who has a differing opinion. They (you) do this primarily in one of two ways. The most popular is to label anyone who disagrees with you a racist. Of course, if someone is labeled a racist there’s not need to debate them because they are evil and therefore unworthy of interaction. This is the primary tactic used on the liberal cable networks like MSNBC who think that yelling and acting indignant while spewing hateful rhetoric will be convincing to anyone other than another true believer. This tactic is generally aimed at men who differ with any liberal, however, when the person of derision is a woman the true believer uses the other method of demonization, that is, calling them stupid. You’ve chosen the “call them stupid” tactic because it’s much easier to call a beautiful woman stupid, without merit, than it is to label her a racist. Of course, your absurd accusations are misogynistic and demeaning to all women but because you are a true believer of the left no one on the left, including other liberal women, will object to your comments.

    To prove my point let me be specific with respect to the the individual women, whose pictures you have posted on this post. You have posted images of Megyn Kelly, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Patti Ann Browne, Courtney Friel, Julie Banderas and Laurie Dhue. Courtney Friel now works for an independent station in L.A. and Laurie Dhue hasn’t worked at Fox in about five years so I won’t address them. The remaining women you’ve called “idiots” are:

    Megyn Kelly: has a B.A. from Syracuse in Political Science, a Juris Doctor from Albany School of Law, where she graduated with honors and was editor of the Albany Law Review.

    Kimberly Guilfoyle: is a magna cum laude graduate of UC Davis and attended the University of San Francisco and Trinity College School of Law where she was published for her research on International children’s right and European Economic Community Law. She also served as an assistant D.A. in the San Francisco and Los Angeles District Attorney’s Offices.

    Patti Ann Browne: Earned an M.A. summa cum laude from the New York Institute of Technology and also hold a B.A. from Fordham University. She even hosted a weekend morning show on your favorite cable network MSNBC. I wonder if she was an “idiot” while at MSNBC?

    Julie Banderas: has a B.A. degree from Emerson College and was awarded the “Outstanding Single Newscast” Emmy Award in 2004.

    You missed naming a couple of other attractive women anchors or hosts so if I may I’d like to include them.

    Jamie Colby: has a B.S. degree in accounting from the University of Miami and a Juris Doctor from the University of Miami School of Law. She has a license to practice law in 3 different states and is a recipient of the Edward R. Murrow National Award, the Clarion Award from the Association for Women in Communications and the Gracie Allen Award for investigative reporting.

    Shannon Bream: is a graduate of Liberty University and earned a Juris Doctor, with honors, from Florida State’s School of Law. She was the first ever women keynote speaker at Liberty University in 2013. Oh yes, this “idiot” was Miss Virginia in 1990.

    Monica Crowley: is a graduate of Colgate University with a B.A. in Political Science. She also holds two Masters Degrees and a Ph.D. in International Affairs from Columbia University. She has written for The New Yorker, The Wall St. Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Baltimore Sun and The New York Post in addition to having written two books.

    I could go on but perhaps you’re getting my point. I assume that your response for demeaning these successful women, who you don’t know and by your own admission don’t listen to, is to attack Fox News because they frequently posit positions with which you disagree. You, therefore, may not be aware that the following reliable liberals are on Fox News on a daily basis to represent opposing view and opinions on virtually every news and opinion segment. Some, but not all, are Alan Colmes, Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, Susan Estrich, Jehmu Green, Ellis Henican, Sanita Jackson, Howard Kurtz, Sally Kohn, Julie Roginsky, Tamara Holder and this does not include the many non-regular liberal advocates. No other station, public, private or cable has the diversity of guests and opposing viewpoints as does Fox News. Your statement that, “CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the lot for the most part would rather hire homely women with intelligence” is probably true but my suggestion to you is, wouldn’t it be a lot nicer to get your news and thoughtful discourse, from attractive women with intelligence, an open mind and a willingness to entertain opposing views?

    Michael, I think I’ll stick with Fox.

    Yours truly,
    Dean T.

  3. Dean, thanks for your elegant comment but at no time do I refer to the ladies as idiots. I refer to their counterparts as idiots and the intent of the article was to be a satire as you first thought. It’s intent was to entertain and be funny and and based on input from others I accomplished that. If you did not find it amusing then the old saying “that you cannot please everyone all of the time” would apply in this case. Thanks for your input and I watch FOX on occasion myself as they do have some good stuff going on. I have no political ties to either party as both are pretty screwed up and getting worse by the day. I actually found your comment more amusing than my article and it is very obvious that it took some research to accomplish it. You might consider a blog yourself or writing for one.

  4. Oh Snap !!! Michael Scotty is that the best response you have ? I think Dean T hands down just put you in your place . Well said Dean T !!!!

  5. Oh Snap!!! Yes he did and I’m devastated. Never again will I attempt to be humorous with so many comedians unemployed and so many Republicans void of a sense of humor. Get a life!!!…and my place is where I put myself, not others.

  6. Republicans void of a sense of humor. Although I don’t consider myself a Republican I do consider myself a conservative. My being a black conservative have noticed that the lack of humor and viciousness comes more from the left than the right. If you disagree with the right, you have yourself a debate. If you disagree with the left, watch out. Your tires are flattened, your an uncle tom if you’re black, a racist if you’re white, a whore if you’re a woman. But don’t dare call any liberal women a whore. Because the A.C.L.U. and any other liberal organization will be down your throat with a quickness. Call Sarah Palin a whore and you get a trophy. Lack of a sense of humor? Hmmmm, not how I see it.

  7. This article is so filled with untruths, I would have to guess Michael must have written it in jest. Surely no one with an IQ over 40 would take this seriously.

  8. It is a satire NORM but it has no untruths in it. The article is actually fact based considering that FOX cable’s biggest audience is males who watch the idiotic show to babe watch. Anyone with an IQ over 40 would not take the show or the rhetoric they spill from their mouths seriously.

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