Socom 4 Patch Release Fixes Some Issues


Zipper Interactive has released a new patch for Socom 4. It has resolved several issues, some stated below as

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4 Responses to Socom 4 Patch Release Fixes Some Issues

  1. j says:

    Zipper has screwed over it’s customers and the patch is a failure and does not install. I have done what Sony has told me and attempted to install it multiple times, it does not work.

  2. I experienced one freeze up before I got it to install. I will do some checking for you and see if I cannot get an answer for you.

    They said that they are experiencing connection problems in the Socom Universe right now. That is all I could get for you right now, but I will keep trying.

    Sony is advising people to delete all Socom 4 game data before downloading patch. After patch is installed re-download DLC. They say this works but what they should do is correct their patch.

  3. mike rizzo says:

    the update still freezes…I’ve tried everything. Erasing game data…all the suggestions don’t work.

  4. I do not know what to tell you Mike. Contact Sony is the only suggestion I have for you. Demand action or your money back on the game so they will get off their duff and do something.

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