Socom 4 Patch Release Fixes Some Issues

Zipper Interactive has released a new patch for Socom 4. It has resolved several issues, some stated below as described by Zipper and some unmentioned. Promises of restoring the traditional lobby system did not take place which will certainly keep a lot of the purists away. They did fix hand grenade distance which is a big plus for those that are playing and is much more realistic.

In the last week I have seen excessive hacking going on in the game. They should have fixed that, as they are way too many glitches and cheaters in the game. It is too bad that people have to cheat to be successful in a game. Take away their cheating capability and they stink.

We no longer have to watch those left playing running around using knife strikes continuously to silence their foot steps as this has been fixed. It is too bad that they did not fix solid walls as you can still be shot behind them. The frustration of putting a clip in someones back only to have them turn and kill you still exists which is quite frustrating and has not been fixed.


There have been complaints of freeze ups during installation of the patch which is a four part unit and takes considerable time to download and install. If all else fails try deleting your game data and then install the patch again, then re-download the DLC, it is said that this should work.

The latest update for SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs is now available for download. Version 1.05 brings with it a number of changes, including numerous stability enhancements for the Party and Clan Challenge systems as well as a handful of important gameplay enhancements.

The patch is available now for download, and players will be automatically prompted to update.

SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs v1.05
September 21, 2011 | TPPS: 42 MB, DLS: Variable

– Using the knife no longer silences footsteps
– Classic mode mic system has been changed from Tap-to-Talk to open chat
– Fixed Classic Bomb Squad double round win bug
– Reduced the accuracy of SMGs at long distance
– Grenade launchers no longer kill the user when fired at long distances or over a wall
– Reinstated weapon accuracy when quickly tapping fire button
– Several level collision issues have been adjusted

Party and Clan Systems
– Party leaders may now optionally allow party members to invite in other players
– Numerous Party system stability enhancements
– Numerous Clan system stability enhancements

– Player counts on map voting screens are now accurate
– Fixed round transition freezes
– Numerous UI element bugs have been fixed

We will wait patiently while Zipper tries to get it right. I’m afraid that too little too late applies and much better war games loom in the near future which will empty Socom lobbies.

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Socom 4 Patch Release Fixes Some Issues — 4 Comments

  1. Zipper has screwed over it’s customers and the patch is a failure and does not install. I have done what Sony has told me and attempted to install it multiple times, it does not work.

  2. I experienced one freeze up before I got it to install. I will do some checking for you and see if I cannot get an answer for you.

    They said that they are experiencing connection problems in the Socom Universe right now. That is all I could get for you right now, but I will keep trying.

    Sony is advising people to delete all Socom 4 game data before downloading patch. After patch is installed re-download DLC. They say this works but what they should do is correct their patch.

  3. the update still freezes…I’ve tried everything. Erasing game data…all the suggestions don’t work.

  4. I do not know what to tell you Mike. Contact Sony is the only suggestion I have for you. Demand action or your money back on the game so they will get off their duff and do something.

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