Sweet Genius Season 2: Puzzled Genius Recap 4-12-12

Sweet Genius Ron-Ben Israel

 Tonight on Sweet Genius Flamingo inspired chocolates and Southeastern Asian ingredients are utilized to make cakes. The Pastry Chefs are trying to win $10,000 and enter the world of “Sweet Genius”.

The Chefs competing tonight are as follows;

  • Pastry Chef Robert Luchene – Connecticut
  • Pastry Chef Lasheeda Perry – Philadelphia
  • Pastry Chef Deborah Brown – Washington, DC
  • Pastry Chef Jason Hisley – Delaware

Round 1: Chocolate Dessert – Mandatory Ingredients & Inspiration – 40 minutes

  • Pink Flamingos (inspiration)
  • Plantains
  • Pink Lemonade

After the time expires in round one, the Chefs must present their Chocolate Dessert to Ron Ben-Israel and receive the following critiques and possible elimination;

Chef Robert prepared Royale Du Chocolate w/ Fried Plantains. Ron said his plate looked like road kill but his flavors were delicious. He also said he did not incorporate the plantains in the dish.

Chef Lasheeda prepared White Chocolate Mousse w/ Fried Plantains and Milk Chocolate Crunch. Ron said her plantains were soggy and not incorporated. He said the mousse was delicious but he could not taste the lemonade.

Chef Deborah prepared a White Chocolate Mousse w/ Passion Fruit Sauce. Ron said he loved her design but the mousse was curdled. He said the sauce was tropical and satisfying.

Chef Jason prepared a Chocolate Layered Cake w/ Plantain Cream and Pink Lemonade White Chocolate Ganache. Ron said the cake was super moist and not too sweet. He said the treatment of the plantains was the best in the competition. He said the ganache was powdery and detracted from the flavors.

Ron told Chef Robert that in this first test he was no “Sweet Genius”.

Round 2: Candy – Mandatory Ingredients & Inspiration – 50 minutes

  • Rubik’s Cube (inspiration)
  • Fruit Chews Candy
  • Goats Milk

After the time expires in round two, the Chefs must present their Candy to Ron Ben-Israel and receive the following critiques and possible elimination;

Chef Jason prepared Hazel Cherry Nougats w/ Fruit Chew Sauce. Ron said he liked the nougats but could not taste the goats milk. He said the sauce was a poor component on the dish and was not candy.

Chef Deborah prepared a Sugar Rubik’s Cube and a Goats Milk Fruit Chew Milkshake. Ron said it was too bad that the Rubik’s Cube broke but it was also inedible. He liked the milkshake but it was not candy.

Chef Lasheeda prepared Chocolate Clusters w/ Fruit Chews & Nuts and 3 Fruit Jellies. Ron said the jellies had the sun shining in his mouth. The clusters were complex. The goats milk sauce was almost non-existent.

Ron said that Chef Deborah was no “Sweet Genius” in the candy round.

Round 3: Cake – Mandatory Ingredients & Inspiration – 60 minutes

  • Buckingham Palace (inspiration)
  • Canned Jack Fruit
  • Galangal

After the time expires in round three, the Chefs must present their Cake to Ron Ben-Israel and receive the following critiques and possible elimination;

Chef Lasheeda prepared a Heart Shaped Layered Sponge Wedding Cake w/ Jack Fruit & Galangal Custard Layers. Ron said the cake was leaning like the Tower of Pizza, but it was worthy of tea time at the palace. He said the custard was creamy and smooth but quite intense.

Chef Jason prepared a Coconut Jack Fruit Cake w/ Jack Fruit Galangal Cream and Tuile Cookie British Flag. Ron said the cookie was rich and fulfilling but the fondant did not stick to the cookie. He said he could taste the olive oil in the vinaigrette in the cake which had nothing to do with Buckingham Palace.

Ron said in the cake round Chef Jason was no “Sweet Genius”. He told Chef Lasheeda that meant that she was welcomed into his world of Sweet Genius and she wins $10,000.

images courtesy of foodnetwork.com & ccapinc.org

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