Ted Allen’s Chopped: Better Saffron Than Sorry Recap 6-4-13

Chopped Season 14

Ted AllenTed Allen introduces the four Chefs that will be competing for the $10,000 and title of Chopped Champion. One of the contestants tonight is hearing impaired. Tonight the contestants have will be asked to use ingredients in the mystery baskets that include mussels, saffron and pasta sheets.

The judges for tonight

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4 Responses to Ted Allen’s Chopped: Better Saffron Than Sorry Recap 6-4-13

  1. Chef Kurt Ramborger is not “hearing impaired,” he’s Deaf. It’s time to chop this tiresome euphemism. And I don’t think he sees being Deaf as having an “affliction.”

  2. Thanks for the input Linda as I did not mean to offend anyone. It is hard to say anything anymore without someone taking offense. I have made the necessary corrections to appease you though others may be offended by the new verbiage.

  3. Thanks, Michael, but the point is not to “appease” a bunch of easily-offended folks, but to use language that’s neutral and non-judgmental. “Hearing-challenged” is negative and patronizing; “Deaf and hard-of-hearing” is nonjudgmental.

    FYI, most Deaf people don’t see themselves as afflicted or handicapped,but as members of an ethnic-linguistic minority. It’s hard to explain in the compass of a sound bite, but it makes sense.

    We think it’s great that “Chopped” had a Deaf chef participating in the competition, and he did a fine job.

  4. Thanks Linda, like I said I did not mean to offend and changed as you advised and have no problem with doing so. I loved watching him work and shows need more of the same and no one should be isolated.

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